According to the Ontario Physiotherapy Association, Virtual Care (or Tele-rehabilitation) is rehabilitation services including physiotherapy provided at a distance, by telephone or online technologies like video conferencing.  

Whether you receive physiotherapy in-person, by phone, or online, you should expect to receive high quality of care. The physiotherapist will work with you, and anyone you wish to have help with your care, to adjust how your assessment and treatments are delivered virtually. Some hands-on treatment techniques cannot be provided in a virtual setting but there are many things that a physiotherapist can do to help you. These include teaching you techniques you can do, or your helper can do with you, and specific exercises individualized for your needs. You can expect to receive safe, effective, customized and evidence-based care as you would with an in-clinic office visit. Whether care is provided virtually or in the clinic setting, physiotherapists must comply with all the standards of practice of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.  

There are many befits to Virtual Care.  For patients with mobility issues it provides access to care without to need to leave home.  It provides the physiotherapist the ability to assess you in your home or office setting to provide observations and recommendations that may otherwise not be as benificial.  It provides a means of treatment if time or travel constraints are an issue.