Would you like to have more control of your movement and function?

At Mindful Physiotherapy patients will learn awareness of alignment, motor control and movement patterns. This mindful awareness will empower patients to control their function

Your therapist will assist you in achieving optimal function through a variety of physiotherapy techniques including, but not limited to, manual therapy, myofascial release, craniosacral techniques, acupuncture, exercise prescription and education.  Mindful Physiotherapy strives to achieve results, and provide self-management strategies for chorinc conditions without a need for constant intervention.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With Mindful Physiotherapy?

Highest Quality of Care

One to One Sessions

Personal sessions with the physiotherapist alone for the entire duration of the appointment

Hands-on Approach

Including continuous patient education empowering patients to understand their own body and be an active participant in recovery

Personalized Treatment Plan

Thorough assessment and consideration of personal factors ensures development of a treatment plan unique to each individual

Mindful Physiotherapy is owned and operated by Melanie Whittaker, Registered Physiotherapist, in Caledon, Ontario

Melanie is extremely passionate about your health and wellness

We live in a very busy and stressful world these days.  Melanie understands that the struggle with pain and dysfunction in your body can compound stress.  She is very thorough and considers all unique circumstances with each individual to best assist in resolving the problem.  Providing high quality, personal and compassionate care, Melanie will help you become mindful of your movement and gain control of your body to improve overall function.

Services Provided at Mindful Physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy
  • Vestibular Therapy
  • Virtual Care (Physiotherapy)

*All services are provided by a Registered Physiotherapist, and billed as Physiotherapy.  Invoices will reflect service details.  

What Patients are Saying

"Melanie takes great care in the treatment of her patients. She is hands on and so knowledgeable. She has treated a number of issues for me and every time I see and feel the results almost immediately. I would recommend Melanie’s services to anyone!"

- Patient Review, Kerry H. 

Mindful Physiotherapy is dedicated to helping you reach your goals by connecting your Mind & Body for the best possible outcome

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Discover how personal, one to one sessions with your physiotherapist can help you maximize your health and wellness, and give you power to control your body in a new way! 


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