NEW COVID-19 Policy and Procedures
Numerous measures have been developed to meet public health guidelines and promote a safe environment for the provision physiotherapy services at Mindful Physiotherapy

In accordance to the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario (CPO) and Ontario Ministry of Health (MOH), Physiotherapists are encouraged to implement a system for virtual and/or telephone consultations as a preferred option, when and where possible.  This initial consultation will determine if a virtual/telephone treatment will suffice or if in-person care is necessary and essential.  The purpose of this is to support physical distancing efforts.  Physiotherapists should consider providing some care virtually even if an in-person visit is needed in order to minimize the in-person time required.  




NEW Mindful Physiotherapy Policies and Procedures
The following protocols have been put in place for all in-person appointments to help reduce the spread of COVID-19:
  • COVID-19 Pre-Screening- Patients will be required to complete a mandatory COVID-19 Pre-screening Questionnaire which will be emailed 12 hours prior to the appointment.  If this is not completed, the patient may not enter the clinic. Completion of this form is required prior to every appointment.  If a patient screens positive, they will be asked to stay/return home, self-isolate and monitor for symptoms.  No cancellation fee will be charged in this circumstance.  (This screening applies to in-person appointments only).
  • Mask/Face coverings are mandatory- For the patients own safety, and that of other patients, the therapist, and families, a mask is required for the duration of the time in the clinic.  Please bring your own mask to each appointment.  
  • Hand Sanitizer- Hand sanitizer will be provided at the door for use upon entry and exit of the clinic.  
  • Telephone Check-in- Please arrive to your appointment on-time and call/text when you have arrived.  The therapist will greet you at the door following the screening noted above.  Only the scheduled patient is permitted to enter the clinic (unless assistance is required, i.e. parent accompanying a child).  
  • Please ensure all online intake and consent forms are completed prior to your appointment.
  • Please come prepared for your appointment, wearing appropriate clothing for your session (i.e. shorts, tank top/layers or loose fitting clothing).  At this time, washrooms are being reserved for emergencies only (please consider that this is a home-based clinic, and limiting exposure helps to keep both patients and family safe). 
  • Feeling sick?  PLEASE STAY HOME!  Feel free to complete the MOH Self-Assessment Tool if you would like to take additional precautions. No cancellation fee will be charged if you are not well.
  • Therapist PPE- The therapist will be wearing a face mask for the duration of each appointment.  Additional PPE may be required based on pre-screen and/or virtual assessment findings.  
  • Hand Hygiene- The therapist will follow strict hand washing protocol, including before and after each patient, before and after donning and doffing gloves, and also as necessary throughout the treatment session.  Hand sanitizer will also be available and used throughout each session in the treatment room.   
  • Enhanced Sanitization- The treatment space will be thoroughly sanitized between patients, as well as highly touched surfaces, equipment, or any other area which may have become contaminated.  Additional time is being scheduled between patients to endure adequate time for sanitization, as well as to limit patient interaction and uphold social distancing guidelines.  



A sincere THANK YOU from Mindful Physiotherapy for your patience and understanding at this time
These measures have been put in place for the health and safety of all patients, family and loved ones.

Let's all keep doing our part to limit the spread of COVID-19, while at the same time getting back to working together for your physical well-being!

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