I’m so excited to announce that Mindful Physiotherapy will be holding Mindful Movement Classes!
~ Are you feeling stiff, sore, and “stuck”?
~ Do you want to start a movement routine but are afraid of injury (or further injury)?
~ Are you stressed, overwhelmed and don’t know how to take time for yourself?
~ Do you find it hard to take a deep breath?
Small group classes will focus on safe movement, individually adapted and guided exercise, breath work and mindfulness practices. All equipment is provided for a comprehensive mobility and stability class!
Classes are an hour in length, and are being held Mondays at 9am and Thursdays at 1:30pm. 4-6 week sessions are recommended in order to see the best benefits. Other class times may be added.
If you are interested in joining please message or call to book your spot! Space is limited.
Excited to share some magic
***These are Physiotherapy sessions and may be covered by your benefits. If you are not a current patient, a virtual assessment will be required prior to class for safety purposes***
Melanie Whittaker

Melanie Whittaker


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